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This is the third and final book in The Ascendance Trilogy. I was sad at first that this is the last book in such an amazing series, so I decided to read the whole series again. It gets better and better each time I read it, and that’s saying a lot considering the first book already had me gripped with page one. Anyway, the Shadow Throne is continuing King Jaron’s story with an outbreak of war between Carthya and it’s neighboring lands: Mendenwal, Avenia, Bymar, and Gelyn. Although the description of this book makes it sound like it is all about bloodshed and death, it is not like that at all. In fact, most of the book is about King Jaron tricking the Kings of the other countries with pranks and tricks while also going undercover to try to rescue his friends from enemy camps. There are still some fighting scenes which have some blood and death, just not as bad as was described. Throughout the book Jaron tries new strategies again and again to stop the war and keep Carthya safe. There was never a dull part of this book, although some of his escape plans were very confusing and so unrealistic that it became slightly annoying. Jaron always manages to just barely avoid death, but two or three times it was clear that he should have died by then. Also, at one point Jaron is weak from hunger and can barely stand but when an enemy spots him and starts to attack,  Jaron can steal beat him in a sword fight, and that made no sense to me. Besides that, I think this series should be on anyone’s reading list; mostly because Jaron is a witty character that is easy to like, and although he is mischievous and sometimes seems not to care about whether he dies or not, I wish he existed because he would make the best king ever.

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