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This novel caught my attention from the very beginning and stayed gripalicious the whole way through. The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants is a short but sweet novel about four best friends who, for their first time, have to spend their summer vacation far away from each other. The thing that keeps them together for the summer is a pair of “magical” pants. The girls, Lena, Tibby, Bridget, and Carmen, are all completely different in their heights and sizes, yet the pants fit all of them perfectly. The story switches between girls every chapter and I really got pulled in to the adventures of each girl. The cherry on top was the funny little quotes between the chapters. The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants is best for girls 12 and older because it deals with some mature themes. Because of the romance in the novel, I would not suggest it for boys. Although I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, it was definitely not challenging, so I would suggest it for the laughs and fun, simple plot, but not for a challenging read. This is a timeless book that even adults could read and enjoy.

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