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I just finished the Unwanteds, and I knew I had to review it, because for people that do not know about it, you absolutely HAVE to read it! It is sort of a mixture of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games except for younger kids, and it is about a world where the smart, quick-thinking kids become “Wanteds” and get to live. The imaginative, creative kids are killed. Or so everyone thinks. Alex Stowe is an Unwanted, while his identical twin brother is a Wanted. Right when Alex thinks he is about to die, he is saved, and he, along with the other Unwanteds, are moved to a place called Artimé. Artimé is a place full of creativity that all the Unwanteds are sent to instead of dying. Everybody there has a talent, whether it’s drawing, acting, singing, or anything else. But what I think is cool about this book is that in Artimé, everyone can use their talent as a weapon against enemies. For example, Alex’s talent is drawing. So, one thing he can do is point a highlighter at somebody, and they will be blinded. Another guy, Sam, who’s talent is acting, can  say “Break a leg” (like people usually say before a show), and that person’s leg will immediately break. There are so many other cool talents/weapons that people have at Artimé, but I don’t want to say anymore because otherwise I might accidentally ruin something, but I definitely give this book two thumbs up!!! (Also, if you like this book, there is a whole series.)

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  1. David Cordier says:

    I REALLY want to read this book now!

  2. Lauren says:

    Looks great

  3. Grace says:

    This book was really good and had a great plot. I would really recommend this book!

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