I read this book in the hopes that I would get a griptacular murder mystery. And I did get a murder mystery–it just wasn’t that griptacular. It was okay, but I wasn’t trying to get as much time to read it as possible during the day. Okay, I agree that John Grisham is a great author, and he excels at writing mysteries, but this book just didn’t have that “extra spark”. It may have been that the way people spoke to each other wasn’t natural, or it might have been that the main character wasn’t very likable. He wasn’t mean or anything, but it didn’t feel like I could relate to him. I mean, he’s a KID LAWYER for goodness sake. The good parts about this book is that when they find the proof to who murdered Mrs. Duffy, it becomes a bit more exciting, but then it drops back down to boring again. When they’re in court during the trial of the murder, that is a good part too, but there weren’t that many times when they were in court. Finally, the ending was not satisfying for me. It sort of seemed that parts of it were drawn out for long periods in the book, and then the end was really rushed. They never finish the trial, and it leaves you pretty sure, but not absolutely certain, who is responsible for Mrs. Duffy’s murder. Over all, this is not the best book I’ve read, and it was definitely not the best mystery I’ve ever read. If you would like to read Theodore Boone—Kid Lawyer, I’d suggest it for ages 8-12.

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