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Although this is a gripping book, I’ll just start off by saying that it is depressing. It is about a girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide one day out of the blue. Clay Jensen is heart-broken. Then he receives these tapes one day that Hannah made, one for each person who she blames for her death—with Clay on the list. While Clay listens to the tapes, he realizes that there was a whole lot more going on with Hannah than anyone ever thought. Even though this book is gruesome, depressing, and uses a great deal of bad language, for some reason I could not put it down. I spent practically the whole weekend on the couch reading Thirteen Reasons Why. This book also gave me a whole new perspective on suicidal people. I would suggest it for ages 12 and up, or 7th grade and up, unless this book sounds great to you and you think you would be able to read it without getting totally creeped out by it.

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  1. Love11 says:

    I am an 11 yr old and don’t always like books about that stuff but I’ve read stuff like it before… You know who I am … Should I read this ?

    • zozelina says:

      You would probably like the plot of this story, but the details of it might be a little depressing and gross for you. I think you should try it, and tell me what you think about it.

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