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The Reluctant Assassin is a sci-fi story that takes place in both the modern-day world and 1898. It is about a young secret agent named Chevron who’s one and only job is to protect a mysterious-looking device. She is told that it is a time-traveling device, but doesn’t believe it until two people come out of it one day, both dressed oddly. One of the people that comes out of the time-travel device is a 14-year-old boy named Riley, and from the second he steps into the 21st century, he warns Chevron that his master, Garrick, will be coming shortly to kill both him and Chevron. Garrick has looked after Riley practically his whole life, ever since he murdered the boy’s parents. Riley is Garrick’s apprentice and, against his will, is forced to murder people. If he doesn’t, Garrick would kill him. Throughout this book, Chevron and Riley are trying to escape the wrath of Garrick’s deadliness as he relentlessly follows the kids from the 21st century to 1898. Although this book has a good plot and a cliff-hanging ending, it is pretty gruesome (you can probably tell from the name), and Riley and Garrick use some words from the 19th century that are a little hard to understand because barely anyone uses them anymore. Because of those reasons, I would suggest The Reluctant Assassin for ages 11 and up.

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