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Everyone I asked said that Waiting For Normal was great, so I decided to give it a try, and I am really glad I did. The story starts with Addison (the protagonist) and her mom moving into their new home: a trailer. Addie’s mom is an “all or nothing” type of person: she’s either elated and excited, or down-in-the-dumps and crabby. From the very beginning, this book had no dull moments. Addie’s life is not ideal: her step-dad and mom got divorced, her grandpa and mom hate each other, her new house is a tiny trailer, and her mom is never home. Yet she never complains, not once, and after reading just a few pages I started to be sucked into Addison’s world. Her mom is horrible with her frequent mood changes, constant absence, and smoking habits, and even though Addie always dismisses it, I got really mad at her mom for not taking better care of Addie—I literally forgot I was getting mad at a fictional character. Addison is nice to everyone even though her life sucks, and the only thing she wants is for her life to be normal. Everything turns around when her mom gets a job and starts to be gone for extremely long periods of time to go on “business trips” with her boss/boyfriend. Of course, Addie never complains. Near the end of the book, several traumatic things happen around the same time, and Addie finds her world changing before her own eyes. The end was satisfying, although a bit sad. One of the main reasons I enjoyed Waiting for Normal is because the main character was so likable and I found myself rooting for her throughout the whole book.

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