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This is a great story about a girl who’s mother disappears. The girl’s name is Salamanca, Sal for short, and after her mother leaves Sal and her father, they move to a new place to “start a new life”. But starting a new life is not so easy for Sal when she meets Phoebe, her new neighbor. Phoebe’s life takes a big turn and ends up just like Sal’s: her mother disappears. Sal and her father stay with a lady named Mrs. Cadaver, who Phoebe and Sal both find suspicious. Sal is telling this story to her grandparents while on a road-trip a while after Sal and Phoebe meet. The story switches off from Phoebe’s story to the present road-trip. At the very end, a secret that Sal knows all along is revealed, and it is surprising that after all that time of telling her grandparents about Phoebe, Mrs. Cadaver, and her mother, she knows what really happened to her mom (don’t worry, I won’t say!). If you are 9-13, this book is appropriate for you, especially if you enjoy mysteries.

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