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Where she went is the second book in the If I Stay series by Gayle Forman, and picks up 3 years after if i stay ends. This book is written from Adam’s perspective and he talks all about his life in New York with his band, Shooting Star, after Mia’s decision at the end of if i stay. It’s pretty difficult to talk about the plot of this story without giving away Mia’s choice, so I will do my best to prevent spoilers. Adam has started giving up on the band and has become distant from his band members, even booking different hotels to stay in when they are on tour. He has also started smoking and become unappreciative of everything everyone does for him. But then, one night, everything in Adam’s boring life changes. He hopes to get some of his questions answered, questions that have been haunting him for years after Mia made her choice, and on that one night he has his chance. I liked where she went, but definitely not as much as if i stay, because it had a very slow pace and was more focused on just Adam, whereas if i stay involved many people other than Mia, even though Mia was narrating the story. Also, Adam was a lot less likable in this book than in if i stay because of how closed off he became to the world. It became kind of confusing and rushed at the end for me, although the overall ending was very satisfying. I liked how at the beginning of each chapter it has a few lines from the songs in Shooting Star. Where she went gives an honest look into the lives of people who have had traumatic experiences, and how those people cope with them. Overall, I would suggest this series for ages 13 and up. Where she went should be on anyone’s reading list, especially if you have read if i stay.

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