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Wild Born is the first book in the Spirit Animals series, and it takes place in the future. In this world, when a kid turns 12, they drink “the nectar”, which usually summons your Spirit Animal. Spirit Animals are special animals that are bonded to you and connected to you. If you get a Spirit Animal, you have the abilities of that animal (for example, if your Spirit Animals is a cheetah you can run really fast; if it’s a dolphin you can swim really well). But when four kids, each from a different continent, turn 12, they receive Spirit Animals that are special. They are called the Four Fallen: Panda, Leopard, Wolf, and Hawk. The kids learn about a dangerous, evil force that is rising. It happened once in the past, and the four animals defeated it and saved the world, but now the force is back, and so are the Four Fallen. I really enjoyed this book because it keeps you on the edge of your seat and there is almost never a dull moment. Also, it also surprised me with sudden, random bursts of humor. Although this is a great book, it is only for ages 10-12. I am certain that if you are in this age group you will enjoy the first book in this excellent series.

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